Skitour in the Khibiny
29.05.2022 - 09.06.2022
Winter comes to a logical end, even in the highest mountains of our vast country - the Central Caucasus. The calendar gently hints that May is the last month of spring and in search of a good, final (but this is not certain) snow we move to the incredibly beautiful Russian North, beyond the Arctic Circle. Here comfortable altitude, interesting relief and long daylight hours promise us a pleasant and logical end to the winter season.
Location and format
The place and the Khibiny mountain system, located on the Kola Peninsula. Ski touring and splitboarding with and without ropeways, snowshoeing. A unique, yet accessible place.
Plan of the programme
4 May
Arrival at Apatity Airport, transfer. Check-in, evening briefing.

5 - 9 May
Trekking in Khibiny, using ski lifts, snowmobiles, offroad cars to the start and exit points. Easy approaches, untouched fields and stunning beauty and silence of the mountains surrounding us. In the middle of the programme we do obligatory avalanche training, showing the guides how to locate, search for and dig out the victims.
In the evening of the final day, traditionally a bar party with local delicacies.

10 May
A short day, possibly visiting one of the region's interesting museums. Transfer to Apatity airport.
We probably won't all live together, as we haven't found our favourite format - a house, which we would be happy with. That's why we decided to split up - some in hotels, some in hotels - we'll choose ourselves according to our tastes and wallet. How to make a one-room economy in any place with the option of overnight stays - we'll teach! On the photo - we :)
The cuisine is European and Caucasian, in the places where we go for lunch and dinner, authentic cuisine. The wishes of vegetarians are taken into account, of course. We love sitting at the table with our guests, regardless of the location.
Skiturists and splitboarders with good equipment. It is desirable to know how to use avalanche equipment, but we will show that too. The format implies skating in one group. It's obligatory to dig pits, we are as much devoted to safety as to good skiing.
According to many experienced hikers who have visited most iconic places on the globe before - Khibiny is very suitable for ski touring and splitboarding. The vast region - endless untouched fields and couloirs of varying lengths and exposures - is something we know how to do!
A classic skiturist or splitboarder's kit, plus an avalanche kit. 5-watt digital radios with tangents, full avalanche kit. Telescopic poles, thermos. Light thermal underwear kit, baffles or cap, sunglasses, SPF30+ sunscreen. In Khibiny we take skitrunners - if you don't have them, write to us, we'll find them.
Probably your best ride ever :)

Significant improvement in your skiing skills: line selection for ascents and descents, a multiple improvement in avalanche literacy. Raising ski touring skills "to the sky" and interacting with a cheerful team of others like you. You'll gain 200% of health, good endurance and crystal clear head on the exit. Tasting the tastiest water, making a few attempts to breathe in this air, and making sure that the stars and the Milky Way don't just show well in August.
Number of participants - 6, places available 4
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